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"Reunion packs them in, well, like sardines!"

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  Master of Ceremonies, Michael Hemp, Cannery Row historian and Executive Vice-President of the Foundation Board of Directors, opened the Great Cannery Row Reunion 2005 with an overview of the program and an introduction of the President of the Foundation, Ms. Kalisa Moore—the "Queen of Cannery Row." For more information, corrections and links, contact:
   Kalisa Moore, President of the Cannery Row Foundation, addressed the audience in her welcoming remarks and invited interested Cannery Row and John Steinbeck fans to join in supporting Cannery Row Foundation projects and efforts to preserve the historical, literary and scientific legacies of old Ocean View Avenue —"Cannery Row."
                                               —Thor Rasmussen photo
   Keynote Speaker, Dr. Richard Astro, brought over twenty years of Foundation preservation and educational activities and projects into focus. His groundbreaking research and publications put Ed Ricketts and John Steinbeck into a perspective that has been pursued and developed by decades of scholars. He was Keynote Speaker in 1983 at the first Great Cannery Row Reunion. His address was a profound testimonial to the enduring present day value and vision of Ed Ricketts and John Steinbeck.
    Prof. Don Coers, San Angelo State University, Texas—an academic expert on Steinbeck's "Moon Is Down—impressed an enthralled audience on the effect and resistance value of John Steinbeck's wartime novel about the Nazi invasion of Norway. The stunning scope and impact of this WWII "propaganda" novel, secretly published and often distributed by Norwegians at the risk of execution, found wide new appreciation at this unique Norwegian themed Reunion.
   Bob Enea, nephew of crewman Sparky Enea on the 1940 voyage by Ed Ricketts and John Steinbeck to Baja California's "Sea of Cortez" on the Western Flyer, recounted that voyage in new detail. This amazing historian correlated Capt. Tony Berry's log with the dates and times of short-wave transmissions listened to by Steinbeck and Sparky Enea—the invasion of Norway, which became "The Moon Is Down." This material was a totally new revelation for the entire Steinbeck world to note.

   Bill Gilly, Stanford's Hopkins Marine Station, recounts the epic recreation of the voyage of the Western Flyer to the Sea of Cortez by an intrepid crew of Hopkins Marine Station marine biologists and marine sciences specialists. The trip replicated the route and log of the original voyage in 1940, comparing conditions and scientific date then and now.
Crocker label
   Mr. Piers Crocker, Director of the Norwegian Canning Museum at Stavanger, Norway—the "actual" Sardine Capital of the World (expect for Monterey's temporary WWII claim to the title) as he presents the history of Norway's world-leading fishing and canning industry. Shown is the most famous sardine label of all time. He was delighted of find King Oscar sardines at the Safeway in Monterey!

Crocker King Oscar
   Piers Crocker traces the origins of King Oscar brand sardines from Norway—a co-sponsor of the Great Cannery Row Reunion 2005—in the highly competitive world trade in canned fish in the last century. His presentation explored and contrasted the fishing and canning industries of 20th Century Europe and America, particularly our West Coast. He returned to Norway with the American story of Knut Hovden, "King of Cannery Row."
diver panel

   The Divers of Cannery Row panel, led by historian Scrap Lundy, chronicles the crucial role of hard hat divers in the Monterey sardine fishing and canning industry. Their services were indispensable to the operation of the canneries of the Old Row. Mr. George Fraley of Pebble Beach, one of the last of the cannery divers, presents his tales of the days beneath the waves.

workers panel
   Joe Bragdon leads the "Life on the Old Row: Cannery Row Long-timers" panel, with his wife, Doris, Dottie Bicknell Sanchez, and Frances Low. This was a look a real life on Ocean View Avenue during its sardine heyday.
   Long-timer bill Hyler took this group photo that includes most of the panel, Norwegian Canning Museum Director, Piers Crocker, CRF Board Member Art Ring, NSSA's Stephen George, Scrap Lundy, Bill Gilly, Bill Johnk and Michael Hemp.
   Dottie Bicknell Sanchez, daughter of Harold Otis "Gabe" Bicknell—John Steinbeck's acknowledged model for Mack in Cannery Row. Dottie and her mom made "rose bowls" for church socials and events to help raise money to feed the family while Gabe was absent on binges, frog hunts, and doing time in the County jail. You may still buy one from Dottie, who says she'll give up making them soon due to her arthritis. The rarest of Cannery Row keepsakes: (831) 384-8877.

    Maritime Museum of Monterey historian, Tim Thomas,  during his presentation of the largely unknown and unappreciated Japanese contribution to the Monterey fishing industry. The Cannery Row Foundation thanks the Maritime Museum of Monterey for offering all Reunion attendees free admission to the Maritime Museum this weekend.
Steven George
    Stephen George, BYU-Idaho, the Director of the New Steinbeck Society of America, at the conclusion of his presentation on the scope, program and news about the NSSA. Paul Douglass (SJSU Seinbeck Studies Center) represented the Steinbeck Studies Center at San Jose State University as these two major figures in the Steinbeck academic world work on a number of programs together.

    Monterey Mayor Dan Albert's Proclamation. It proclaims for posterity the union and recognition of the history and culture in common of the two Sardine Capitals of the World.

   Charter Board Member of the Cannery Row Foundation in 1983, renowned cartoonist and humorist Eldon Dedini signs his rare remaining posters from the first Great Cannery Row Reunion in May, 1983. Eldon has been a staunch supporter of the Cannery Row Foundation since its inception. He is also a member of the PBL ("Doc's Lab Group") where the Foundation was created in early 1983.    

   The Cannery Row Foundation began to the music of Mike Marotta's Band at the First Great Cannery Row Reunion in 1983, and many more after that. This Reunion was an opportunity to honor one of Monterey's most popular and successful businessmen, Mike Marotta, for his years of steadfast interest and support of our  Reunions.

   Cannery Row Foundation Board of Directors project director for the Great Cannery Row Reunion, Thor Rasmussen, is shown with Mr. James Hague of the Sons of Norway. The Foundation thanks the Sons of Norway for their many volunteers that helped with registration and the operation of the Reunion. And a huge "Well done!" for CRF Board Member, Thor Rasmussen, for his months of work on this history making program.

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