Projects and Funds

        Among the projects of the Cannery Row Foundation are recognition and commemoration of those who participated in its colorful history. The annual Cannery Row Reunions of cannery workers, fishermen and residents of old Ocean View Avenue began in 1983 and continue periodically to celebrate their lives and labor in this historic era.

        A monument to Edward F. “Doc” Ricketts at Drake and Wave streets, a project funded through the Cannery Row Foundation, has memorialized his role as one of Cannery Row’s greatest real personalities and his contributions to modern marine biology.  It also memorializes Ed Ricketts as Steinbeck’s closest friend and mentor, as well as a model for important figures in John Steinbeck’s world-famous fiction. Fifty bronze 1/3 scale castings of the memorial have been created for $1,000.00 donors, to retire the completed project cost.

        A China Point Memorial is planned in recognition of the historic contributions of the Chinese to Monterey. It was their heroic crossing of the Pacific Ocean in sailing junks in the early 1850s to settle at what is now Hopkins Marine Station that began the fishing and canning industry that would make Monterey the “Sardine Capital of the World.”

        The Cannery Row Hall of Fame is a registry of all the men and women who worked the canneries, reduction plants, and businesses of old Ocean View Avenue. When completed in years to come, a Cannery Row Wall of Fame will list the names of those who lived and worked the “Street of the Sardine” in its historic sardine canning heyday.

        The Anselm Moore Memorial Scholarship Fund makes grants to assist students of literature and the visual and performing arts.

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