The Cannery Row Foundation Historic Photo Gallery
(recently closed)

2nd Floor at 700 Cannery Row at Prescott Avenue
In the Monterey Canning Co. Warehouse (1917)

In vacant lease space made available by the Cannery Row Company, the
Foundation enjoyed
an opportunity to present a portion of its acclaimed
Lewis Collection  of Cannery Row Photography (1957-1958). Many of the
exhibited photos were included in the major annual exhibit at the
Museum of Monterey (2001-2002).

Gallery hours were irregular, but the exhibit was clearly viewed (even
when closed) through the large windows from the corridor on the second
floor of the Monterey Canning Company warehouse, 700 Cannery Row
at Prescott Avenue.

Thanks to the Cannery Row Company for the donation of the exhibit space
for several years.

More information on the Lewis Exhibit.

This is the way it looked:
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