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Steinbeck Links

National Steinbeck Center

San Jose State University Center for Steinbeck Studies

A Steinbeck Chronology from San Jose State Steinbeck Studies Center
    by Robert Harmon, Archivist.

Steinbeck articles bibliography from San Jose State Steinbeck Studies Center
    by Katie Roger.

The History Company    The Case for "Cannery Row"
A literary assessment of “Cannery Row” based on Professor Jackson Benson's own words.

Steinbeck Collectors Club (Free membership; monthly pdf newsletter; become a member

Ed Stephan    [Analysis of]  John Steinbeck's California Novels

Scott Simkins    [Steinbeck analysis]

Stanford University Steinbeck Collection

Antoinette Riones     “Steinbeck On His Own Turf”
The North New Jersey Record

“The Other Side of Eden” by John Steinbeck IV
and Nancy Steinbeck. A Cannery Row Foundation review of this controversial autobiography
of John Steinbeck's younger son, completed by his widow, Nancy.

The Merchantile Library, New York City; Steinbeck 2002 Centennial events

An excellent Steinbeck, Ricketts and Pacific Grove site by Esther Trosow

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