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1.    Lighting of the "La Ida Cafe" neon sign ceremony: Michael Hemp, Kalisa Moore, Laura Cameron (MCCVB).
2.    Herb and Robbie Behrens (Cannery Row Foundation) with Kalisa at neon re-lighting, November, 2002.
3.    Friends at neon party: Jean Stallings with Kalisa and Jo and Art Ring (Cannery Row Foundation).
4.    Kalisa with Thom Steinbeck, taken at the National Steinbeck Center, Salinas, in 1998.
5.    Kalisa as the November, 2002, "Sweet Thursday" subject at the CRF Hopkins lecture series.
6.    "The Queen" accepting Art Commission grant for Cannery Row Christmas Angels project.
7.    With Michael Hemp at the Lewis Collection of Cannery Row Photos, December 2000, at the Maritime Museum.
8.    Kalisa accepts (for the City) CRF Boardmember Judge Ralph Drummond's bronze Ricketts donation to the Lab.
9.    Robert Lewis photo of Kalisa's in 1958, the year she opened on a street officially named "Cannery Row."
10.    Sculptor Jesse Corsaut (Ricketts Memorial & Steinbeck Bronze at City) with resin cast of Kalisa for bronze.
11.    Kalisa's 75th Birthday Party at the La Ida with Jesse Corsaut's resin sculpture.
12.    Miles Williams with Kalisa at her 75th Birthday, held at the La Ida Cafe, January 31, 2001.
13.    Flora and Flora's Girls at the La Ida Cafe on one of Cannery Row's celebrations of itself.
14.    Flora and Jeanette as Cannery Row's infamous delights.
15.    Tables in Kalisa's dining area. Note the carved table and the Dedini on the wall: "This Cat Swings at Kalisa's"
16.    A closer look at the favorite table at the La Ida Cafe over the decades.
17.    Eldon Dedini's famous "This Cat Swings at Kalisa's"--also a shirt you can buy there.
18.    Belgian National Television doing their second interview since John Steinbeck's Centennial Birthday last year.
19.    Craig Clark, long-time anchor at the Sardine Factory--spouse of Kalisa's first bellydancer--on air, on KRML.
20.    Michael Hemp with "The Queen" in her establishment in the late 1990s.
21.    Kalisa is famous for her orange "restaurant ambulance" whose tailgate still hangs in the back garden of the La Ida.
22.    The food at Kalisa's has evolved and changed over the years and still remains John Steinbeck's favorite.
23.    Kalisa's La Ida Cafe is a 45-year icon of Cannery Row, John Steinbeck, Ed Ricketts and Row Rats everywhere.
                It is "The Livin' End of Cannery Row."


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