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The Cannery Row Foundation was incorporated February 17, 1983, as an
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The Great Cannery Row Reunion!
From "Coastings..." on May 11, 1983


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"NEW" burst

With decades of Cannery Row industrial history at hand and over a
thousand interviews of cannery workers-boat skippers-and fishermen,
friends and relatives of Steinbeck and Ricketts since 1979, it was time
to focus that addiction to on-the-ground research of Cannery Row
and Ed Ricketts that required my relocation to the Pacific Northwest.

A special PART TWO of my "Cannery row 4.0" is the first chronicle
of the many shared inter-cultural, maritime, scientific, literary,
and ecological legacies that had anonymously connected the
maritime Pacific Northwest with Monterey and Cannery Row.

The celebration of these shared legacies now begins with
the new 4th Edition of my sardine era history of Cannery Row.

An expansive new era has arrived in Cannery Row history.
It's a whole new tide pool...

CRH 4.0 covers

Actual size cover: 8-1/2" x 11"

Here's a look at some of the CR 4.0's new pages.

New Horizons for Monterey-Cannery Row and maritime Pacific Northwest history...


From the Archives of the Cannery Row Foundation.

1984, Western Flyer in the Monterey County Herald:


The Cannery Row Foundation has a history with the Western Flyer.

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From the Archives: 1987 BBC on Cannery Row!

"Of Life and Men" with Howard Stableford, BBC

Featuring Steve Webster (Monterey Bay Aquarium)
Susan Shillinglaw (Center for Steinbeck Studies, SJSU)
Michael Hemp (Cannery Row Foundation, Cannery Row historian)
Frank Wright (Cannery Row Foundation, friend of Ed Ricketts)
Katie Rodger (UC Davis, Ricketts Author)

CLICK HERE for 1987 on Cannery Row.


From the Archives...
(A periodic publication from the history
of Cannery Row and the Cannery Row Foundation
responsible for keeping it)

Archive Post 1:
1982 proposal cover for the soon-to-be incorporated
non-profit Cannery Row Foundation and its

MK Hemp &Assoc reunion cover

And so it began...

Look for more soon!


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The Cannery Row Foundation is in the process of developing a
new contemporary website design. Our present and significantly
dated web design program has served us since the site began
 in the late 1990s — further limited by the basic web skills
of its webmaster, yours truly.

Time for some changes.

You can look forward soon to an updated format and the same
inside the Old Row that you get
only from the Cannery Row Foundation
as steward of the history of "America's Most Famous Street

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer in the
Website design or operation, or to make a donation to help
us share the wonderful world of historic Cannery Row.
Please call
(831) 917-1937‬ or e-mail CRF President,
Prof. Greg Cailliet (Moss Landing Marine Labs, Emeritus).

We sincerely appreciate your participation.

"Happy Cannery Row"


Michael K. Hemp
CRF Founder (1983) & President Emeritus (2016)

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Thanks to those who attended the

May 19, 2018


                                                                                          MK Hemp photo

SATURDAY, MAY 19 will be the Cannery Row Foundation's annual Ed Ricketts’ Birthday Tours of Pacific Biological Laboratories at 800 Cannery Row -- so mark your calendar for a rare chance to join other "Ed Heads" in "Doc's Lab" for two-hour tours on Satruday, May 19th.

Ed Ricketts was born in Chicago on May 14, 1897 — and died May 11th, 1948, of injuries suffered on May 8th, when the Southern Pacific evening Del Monte Express train collided with his aging Buick sedan stalled on Cannery Row's Drake Avenue and Wave Street grade crossing.

The annual CRF RICKETTS’ BIRTHDAY TOURS are given by tour guides from the non-profit Cannery Row Foundation (established 1983 in Ed Ricketts' Lab). The public Lab tours are two-hours each at 10 a.m., 12 noon, and 2 p.m. Only 15 visitors per hour are allowed inside the rarely-opened historic building. Invite your friends!

Cannery Row Foundation speakers will talk during each tour about the Lab’s iconic front room and will tell about the era of the Lab as a private Men's Club (that hated clubs) in the bar area, followed by talks about the Lab's concrete specimen holding tanks in the back of the Lab. Then guests will go downstairs into Ricketts’ basement laboratory for talks about Ricketts' contribution to marine science and how the field is changing.

The Lab building is also where Ed Ricketts and John Steinbeck conceived and planned their 1940 "Voyage of Science and Leisure" to Baja California's Sea of Cortez on the famed Monterey purse-seiner the "Western Flyer" made world-famous for the voyage and its role in the public's introduction to Ecology.

Don't miss the experience the Cannery Row Foundation brings to these historic tours. Make your reservations at tours@canneryrow.org. Donation is still only $15 per person to support Cannery Row Foundation historic preservation and special events like our decades of Lab Tours.

Be a participant, rather than just a fortunate guest of Cannery Row history in Pacific Biological Laboratories: become a member of the Cannery Row Foundation.

Celebrating Ed Ricketts' Cannery Row Foundation
Birthday in the Lab!


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February 24, 2018

Another rare chance to tour “Ed Ricketts’ Pacific Biological Laboratories" at 800 Cannery Row will be offered Saturday, Feb. 24. The annual Steinbeck Birthday tours are given by tour guides from the non-profit Cannery Row Foundation. Steinbeck was born Feb. 27, 1902. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!

-- The Lab building is where Ed Ricketts and John Steinbeck conceived and planned their 1940 "Voyage of Science and Leisure" to Baja California's Sea of Cortez on the famed Monterey purse-seiner, the "Western Flyer” and described in Steinbeck’s "The Log from the Sea of Cortez." Cannery Row Foundation speakers will describe the men’s teamwork.
-- Limited reservations are now being accepted at tours@canneryrow.org for these public Lab tours, which are two hours each at 10 a.m., 12 noon, and 2 p.m. Only 15 visitors per hour are allowed inside the historic building.

-- Guests are asked to list the tour time requested and the number of persons in the party. Reservations will be confirmed by return e-mail. Emails are preferred, or visitors also can call (831) 917-1937 for clarification or further information.
-- A donation of $15 or more to the Cannery Row Foundation by cash or check at the door is requested. This helps cover the City fees and insurance for use of the facility. Since 1983, the Cannery Row Foundation has helped to support the research on, and exhibition of, Cannery Row's famous historic, literary, and ecological legacies.

-- Guests are encouraged to bring cameras, dress in layers, and enjoy a rare opportunity to be inside the Lab for tours by historians, literary scholars, marine biologists, and Cannery Row Foundation docents ("Row Rat" volunteers).

-- Refreshments will be available and visitors will have a chance to wander Pacific Biological Laboratories. Ricketts’ actual basement Lab also will be open, with some of his original equipment and specimens on display.

                Birthday John Steinbeck

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Message from Michael Hemp
A migrated donation from TheHistoryCompany.com

I regret to inform you of the passing of two important friends with roots in Cannery Row.


Ed Ricketts, Jr.
(August 23, 1923 - January 3, 2018)

It is with great regret we inform you that Ed Ricketts, Jr. – son of Edward F. Ricketts –passed away
 on January 3, 2018.
His contributions to the historical, scientific and personal legacy of his father
have been essential to world-wide Ricketts and Steinbeck fans. More details and photos come soon
in a continuing Memorial to Ed Ricketts Jr. posted here—and on www.thehistorycompany.com.
                                                                                                                                                       –MK Hemp

Hemp &
                Ed Ricketts Jr. 
                with EFR cards
MK Hemp photo
Michael Hemp with Ed Ricketts Jr. at Ed's home on January 10, 2016.
A contingent of colleagues (Hemp, Andy Case, and Don Kohrs)
drove up from Monterey to see Ed Jr. and brought lunch from his
favorite local Indian restaurant. And a bigger surprise: 2 old card-files.
Don Kohrs, Hopkins Marine Station librarian, inspects index card files of
Ed Ricketts' world-wide contacts missing since the 1936 fire of
Ricketts' lab on Cannery Row–obtained through the Cannery Row Foundation
by historian Michael Hemp. Who knew exactly were to have them evaluated.

* * *


Friend and Cannery Row colleague, Andy Case, passed away on October 22nd, 2017. This kind and gentle
man who loved Cannery Row and became a close friend and confidant of both Ed Ricketts Jr. and Nancy Ricketts
of Sitka, Alaska, will deeply missed. He stepped onto Cannery Row to work at the Monterey Bay Aquarium as
an aquarium technician, fell in love with old Cannery Row, and became part of keeping the Ed Ricketts legacy
alive and growing. Andy was preparing to relocate to Japan to join his wife and son when he passed away.
Insiders will know how very much he will be missed.

                                                                                                                                                MK Hemp

Andy Case drive to Ed Jr.'s
                                             MK Hemp photo
                Andy Japan arrival
Andy Case, driving the Cannery Row contingent
to Mill Valley, north of San Francisco, to present
Ed Jr. with his father's lost Pacific Biological
Laboratories business contact cards with
addresses from literally All Over The World,
missing since the Lab's 1936 fire.
Andy was a regular visitor to Japan as part of the aquaria business he built after his
years at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. When Andy married his lovely Japanese wife,
Mikuyo, he promised he would move to Japan in 15 years. Andy, Mikuyo,
and son Taiki lived in Carmel Valley, where Mikuyo worked in the wine business.
Andy was preparing to make the personal and professional move when
he became ill and passed away.


Make your reservations NOW because
 space is limited to attend
the Cannery Row Foundation's
October 21st PBL tours to honor

the era of "Doc's Lab" Club Members.

Help devoted fans of PBL celebrate: from
Founder Harlan Watkins ...

                             MK Hemp photo

to the last of the members, Frank Wright,
who passed away on September 25th.

Wright C Mag
 Frank Wright 2012 in Lab (Carmel Mag)

For questions or to volunteer as a CRF "Row Rat"
  e-mail tours@canneryrow.org

or call (831) 917-1937.

A special message from Cannery Row Foundation president,
Prof. Emeritus Gregor Cailliet, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories.

As the new President of the Cannery Row Foundation, doing my best to follow in Past President Michael Hemp's footsteps, I’d like to say THANK YOU for your continued interest in our Cannery Row activities.

It is with sadness I announce the death on 9/25/17 of Frank Wright, the last remaining member of the illustrious Men’s Club that met for many years at “Doc’s Lab.”  He was also a founding member of the Cannery Row Foundation and served as the Treasurer for years, and he will always remain a Board Member Emeritus. We will remember Frank and that era with stories told at three Lab tours on Saturday, October 21st. If you would like to join us on the 10 AM, 12 Noon, or 2 PM tour, please make your reservations at tours@canneryrow.org.
We hope to occasionally connect again with you during the coming year. We’re in the process of re-working our membership lists, and are re-designing our website. If you have website or membership skills and would like to assist in this website development, please contact me at gregor@canneryrow.org



Make your reservations NOW to attend the Cannery Row Foundation's
July 15th PBL tours to honor Kalisa Moore, the acclaimed
(January 31, 1926 - October 14, 2009)

Kalisa in lab
                                                                                                                   MK Hemp photo

Reservations for 2-hour tours at 10AM, 12 Noon, and 2PM
on Saturday, July 15th, must be made at
tours@canneryrow.org (preferred),
or by phone at (831) 236-2990.
Walk-ins are welcome—depending on limited space available.
Donation is $15.00 at the door of the Lab at 800 Cannery Row,
in cash or personal checks to the Cannery  Row Foundation
to help fund special events like these exclusive PBL tours.

How many chances do you think you're going to have
to be in Ed Ricketts' Lab for a day like this?

Here's a taste of what's on tap:
Kalisa Herald

Come with your favorite Kalisa story to share!


We hope you enjoyed the 2017 Steinbeck Festival,
Co-sponsored by the National Steinbeck Center
and the Cannery Row Foundation.

festival banquet

as part of the Cannery Row Foundation
support for

festival 2017

"Cannery Row is Happening"
Be part of it!



Lots more news soon on the recent augmentation of
 the Cannery Row Foundation Board,
the election of new Board Members,
and strategic planning for the future of the
Cannery Row Foundation, established in 1983.

It's Christmas In The Adobes in Old Monterey again!
And the Cannery Row Foundation again celebrates
John Steinbeck's August 1944 - April 1945 ownership of the
Lara-Soto adobe. This is where he, second wife Gwendolyn
and first son Thomas, lived when "Cannery Row" was published
and where he wrote "The Pearl."

The Cannery Row Foundation therefore celebrates this Monterey adobe
in a "1945" era, not 1845 — like all the other historic adobes in Monterey's 33rd
December 9th and 10th, 2016.

Outgoing President of the Cannery Row Foundation Board,
Michael Hemp, leads the 1940s era Steinbeck Adobe celebration as
"Capt. Mike" of BOMBARDIERS LOUNGE WWII Big Band Jazz
(broadcast on Clint Eastwood's "Play Misty For Me" jazz station
KRML on 237 Missions from 2004 til 2009...

Waiting to meet up with John Steinbeck at his Monterey adobe...

Capt. Mike Christmas in the Adobes


The Cannery Row Foundation regretfully announces the recent passing of

Thom Steinbeck (August 11, 2016) writer, eldest son of John Steinbeck
and decades-long friend of the Cannery Row Foundation...
(MK Hemp photo) back-stage, Cabrillo College, May 14, 2016)

Jesse Corsaut (July 23, 2016) Cannery Row's renowned artist, sculptor of the
Ed Ricketts Memorial, Cannery Diver's Memorial at San Carlos Beach Park,
the Kalisa Moore "Queen of Cannery Row" Memorial across from Doc's Lab,
and the Fisherman's Memorial at Fisherman's Wharf...
(Carmel Magazine, P 204-208)

Myron "Doc" Etienne (September 10, 2016) renowned attorney and PBL Group member
who at the time of his death was one of three Lab members left—and sadly,
not a word about the Lab by whoever wrote the opus obit...

and just days ago,

Dr. Jim Nieble, Doc's Lab member residing in Ashland, Oregon (no obit yet),
was one of the last two remaining PBL members...

...leaving Frank N. Wright of Carmel the last Doc's Lab member still with us
and who will be our honored guest at the CRF Lab Tours on October 22nd.



Commemorating the Pacific Biological Laboratory, Ltd. Lab Group
Saturday, October 22nd, 2016—9 AM to last tour starting at 4 PM
$15 per person donation

For Reservations e-mail: tours@canneryrow.org

Look for our Constant Contact E-mail with details soon!



Migrated from TheHistoryCompany.com
The "La Esperanza Packing Company"
Today known as Pacific Biological Laboratories!
A crucial historical research project by
Robin Rodriguez Aeschliman (2015)

Click Here


Posted 08/15/16

The Cannery Row Foundation sadly announces
the passing of two icons of Cannery Row...

Pacific Grove sculptor and artist, Jesse Corsaut (86) on July 29th.
His bronze sculptures for the Cannery Row Foundation include the
Ed Ricketts Memorial
at Drake & Wave (the 1948 crash site with the Del Monte Express),
the Cannery Divers Memorial at San Carlos Beach park to commemorate the divers that
made Cannery Row's sardine industry's famous production possible, and
the Kalisa Moore "Queen of Cannery Row" bronze statue across from
Ed Ricketts' Pacific Biological laboratory. More on Jesse soon.

Thomas Steinbeck, first son of the man who made Cannery Row world famous
passed away on August 11th at the age of 72; he is survived by his devoted wife, Gail.
Thom was an early and earnest supporter of the fledgling Cannery Row Foundation in the
early 1980's and remained connected to us ever since. Much of Thom's fine literary production
expressed his affection and regard for the people and deep historical roots of the Central Coast.

We will miss them both very much...


Freshly revived (31 minute) video segment of the historic
May 13-15, 1983

(Revival a donation by The History Company)

Click here to play video

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Completed Video segments to date of the

Dr. Susan Shillinglaw

John Gregg
"Western Flyer" Owner

 John Gregg: “Restoration of the Western Flyer.” Marine geologist and new owner of the
Western Flyer and the force behind her future as a sea-going classroom to inspire kids into
the marine sciences; he himself was inspired into his field in his youth by Ed Ricketts’
Between Pacific Tides inter-tidal handbook (Stanford University Press best seller) and
John Steinbeck’s Log From The Sea of Cortez. John and his brother Andy made the
surprise Public Announcement of the rescue and restoration vision for the world-famous
Western Flyer at February 2015’s SYMPOSIUM.
Sponsored by Monterey Bay Boatworks

Dennis Fry
skipper of the "Gemini"
(re-named "Western Flyer")

Dennis Fry: “Tales from an Alaska skipper of the ‘Western Flyer’—as the
"Gemini’ and What I’ve Got To Show For it.” His father, Clarence Fry, bought the
Gemini in 1976 (which had been named the Western Flyer until 1970) and Dennis
occasionally skippered the family-owned and operated Gemini and other similar
Pacific Northwest fishing boats in the late 1970s in a number of fisheries from
Homer, Alaska. He is exhibiting the navigational artifacts of the Western Flyer
that have not been seen for 40 years.
Sponsored by Fisherman's Wharf Association.

Don Kohrs
Hopkins Marine Station Librarian  
Donald Kohrs: “Publication of the Revised Second Edition of Between Pacific Tides,
1948.” Don Kohrs—Librarian of the Harold A. Miller Library of Hopkins Marine
Station of Stanford University—is the hottest groundbreaking Ed Ricketts researcher
on the planet. This presentation is part of his substantial new and previously unknown
research detail thatis re-writing much of what has been previously understood about
America’s most famous ecologist, Edward F. Ricketts and his odyssey to
re-publication supported by truly stunning evidence.
Sponsored by Fisherman's Wharf Association.

Check back soon for additional edited video presentations from the

CRF logo bug

Thanks to all that made our
Ed Ricketts Birthday
Lab Tours on May 7th
another rousing success:
especially our outstanding CRF
"Row Rat" Volunteers & docents, and
our guests — lots of
first-time "Newbies" and several new "Ed Heads"
that had been waiting 30 years of more to be inside
Pacific Biological Laboratories!

Lab sunny
                                               MK Hemp photo

If you are not on our e-mail alert list and would like
advance notices of CRF tours, activities, and special events
like our CANNERY ROW SYMPOISUMS (see YouTube) just
e-mail us at tours@canneryrow.org.
You may opt-out of this list easily at any time;
but we hope you will always want to know what's going on next on
John Steinbeck & Ed Ricketts' Old Cannery Row.


Posted April 23, 2016
From the Archives:

Raw edit video of the Cannery Row Foundation's
"Great Cannery Row Reunion"
(that has survived) from May 13-15 1983:

Opening Ceremonies at the Monterey Conference Center with
• Michael Hemp, founding Executive Director of the Cannery Row Foundation
• Max Tadlock (CRF President & President of Monterey Peninsula College)
• Congressman Leon Panetta • Professor Richard Astro (Keynote Speaker)
With scenes from the Opening Ceremonies, Reunion Dinner Dance at the
Outrigger Restaurant on Cannery Row, and the Great Cannery Row Fire Muster

Click Here




Symmposium program
Symposium Program
Back Cover                                              FrontCover 
Symposium Presenters and their topics

We wish to thank all of our fabulous Sponsors
Especially Co-Sponsors of the Wave Street Studios video of the Symposium

City of Monterey
CRC logo
The City of Monterey Cannery Row Company

appearing soon on
YouTube logo
The titled and edited video is being prepared and up-loaded soon.

Meet the Sponsors of the



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Attendees: send us your photos to: mkhemp@canneryrow.org
If we share your photos on the site we will provide your photo credits.

* * *

And our thanks to Robbie Behrens for more great graphic designs like this attendance graphic
designed from cover art elements of "The Sea of Cortez"
SoC banner
Courtesy of Robbie Behrens

join burst
Click here to help us YouTube the event video of the

Click here for the
Symposium Presenters

and here for the Program outline

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Thanks to all that made our 
on Saturday, February 27th,
a great success!

Don't miss the next CRF Lab Tours on Saturday, May 7th
celebrating Ed Ricketts Birthday and "The Sea of Cortez"

                                                     MK Hemp photo

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• Great Cannery Row Reunion 1983 video from the archives
• John Steinbeck Birthday Lab Tours, Feb 27th
(reservations open)

New From the Archive:
Raw 1983 video edit
of The Great Cannery Row Reunion May 13-15,
by the newly chartered Cannery Row Foundation, preserving the
Opening Ceremonies at the Monterey Conference Center
(Michael Hemp, Max Tadlock, Leon Panetta and
Prof. Richard Astro).
Scenes include the Great Cannery Row Reunion Dinner,
May 14th, 1983 at the Outrigger Restaurant, and
scenes from the Great Cannery Row Fire Muster.

Never before seen video of this historic series of events
that launched the Cannery Row Foundation.

(Click Here)


* * *

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Click here for Western Flyer News
Migrated from TheHistoryCompany.com

Become a Member

Click here to give a gift to sustain the Cannery Row Foundation

"Western Flyer" Newsletter
Please note this is a time-line scroll website.
Click "find" on your browser and type in a search word
 to locate more information on a topic.

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The first video segment produced from the February 21, 2015
Cannery Row Foundation

at Stanford's historic Hopkins Marine Station

A production of The History Company,
Video post-production by
Your Sanctuary TV,

This is the Surprise Official Announcement of the
purchase and restoration of the endangered historic
Western Flyer from John Steinbeck & Ed Ricketts'
1940 voyage to
Baja California's Sea of Cortez.

Michael Hemp, President of the Cannery Row Foundation,
introduces historian Bob Enea who in turn announces
John and Andy Gregg, new owners of the historic Western Flyer

Now on YouTube...pass it along!

Western Flyer
At her 1937 Tacoma launch at Western Boat Builders
More to come...

                                                                   This material migrated from www.thehistorycompany.com

* * *

This year's
annual Cannery Row Foundation

Saturday, May 16th, 2015
 celebrated the Western Flyer voyage to the


WF Profile

The whole story is in both the original 1941 "SEA OF CORTEZ" co-authored
with Edward F. Ricketts...re-issued by Viking in 1951 without its
scientific half as the "Log From the Sea of Cortez" by John Steinbeck.


Here are some scenes from special segments of the day's tours:

• A diplomatic exchange of Mayoral Gifts between Sardine Capitals of the World with
Piers Crocker of the Norwegian Fisheries Museum as emissary.

• and a Michael Hemp PowerPoint summary of the highlights of the February 20th, 2015,
CANNERY ROW SYMPOSIUM which announced the rescue and restoration ahead for the Western Flyer's
return to her Home Port of Monterey as a sea-going scientific classroom to inspire kids into the marine sciences.

Sardines for
                  Mayor Roberson (Teaford)

Piers Crocker, (Director of Norwegian Canning Museum) Stavanger emissary, presents ultra-deluxe Norwegian sardines to Monterey mayor,
Clyde Roberson, in a "Sardine Capitals of the World" mayoral exchange.
CRF Lab Tour "Row Rats" Dave Barker and Jeri Rossi observe the ceremony.

                                                                                                                    Scott Teaford photo

                    mayor Helgø

Norway's Mayor of Stavanger,
Christine Sagen Helgø

Dave Barker lab docent

CRF Lab Tour Docent, David Barker, profiling marine biologist Ed Ricketts.

                                                                                                                 Scott Teaford photo

Jeri Rossi helps
                  Bob Enea

Jeri Rossi helps historian Bob Enea with exhibits in his account of
 the 1940 Steinbeck-Ricketts voyage of the Western Flyer to the Sea of Cortez with his uncles, skipper Tony Berry & seaman Sparky Enea.
                                                                                                            Scott Teaford photo

Hathaway pix tub

Archivist and CRF Board Member, Pat Hathaway, organizes prints
available to Pacific Biological Laboratories tour guests in the
party room of Lab.

                                                                                                               Scott Teaford photo

Bill Frew
                  receives EFR Artist Proof

Bill Frew receives the EFR bronze artist proof by Ricketts Memorial
sculptor, Jesse Corsaut and major membership in the Cannery Row
Foundation from historian and
CRF president, Michael Hemp.
                                                                                                          Scott Teaford photo
                                                                                                                                                                     Migrated from TheHistoryCompany.com


crf line break

The Cannery Row Foundation
urges you not to miss author Kevin Bailey's
fascinating presentation of his new book
"The Western Flyer"
at the National Steinbeck Center
Thursday Evening, May 7th
from 6 til 8 PM at
One Main Street, Salinas

WF book

Guest Author Kevin M. Bailey resurrects this forgotten
witness to the changing tides of Pacific fisheries.
He draws on the Steinbeck archives, interviews with family
members of crew, and more than three decades of working
in Pacific Northwest fisheries to trace the depletion of marine
life through the voyages of a single ship.
This is a free event. Seating is limited. No reserved seating.

crf sm

Reservations are now open for
Ed Ricketts Birthday tours of
Pacific Biological Laboratories

Saturday, May 16th, 2015 — hourly tours 9 AM to last tour at 4 PM.
E-Mail us at tours@canneryrow.org (preferred) or (831) 659-2112:
let us know how many in your group, what hourly tour you'd like to be on
and your e-mail and a cel phone number. We will confirm your
reservation by return e-mail.

MK Hemp photo      
  We will be celebrating Ed Ricketts' Birthday with more news and information
on the restoration and return
of the historic WESTERN FLYER...
(from "The Log From The Sea of Cortez")

If you missed the Cannery Row Foundation's CANNERY ROW SYMPOSIUM
in February at Hopkins Marine Station MONTEREY BOAT WORKS Auditorium,
 make reservations for our Saturday, May 16th, Edward F. Ricketts Birthday Lab tours.

We'll recap the Official Announcement of the purchase of the Western Flyer and the
vision for its restoration and return to Monterey as a floating classroom.

                                                                                                                                               Anne Shaffer photo
Western Flyer when purchased early in 2015 at Port Townsend, Washington...

Greggs w Enea
                                                                                                                                   MK Hemp photo
John Gregg, Bob Enea with Western Flyer photo, Andy Gregg.

Above are the Western Flyer's new owners, marine geologist John Gregg (left)
and Andy Gregg (right) with Bob Enea, CRF board member and Monterey's
acclaimed fishing historian related to the Western Flyer skipper, Tony Berry
 and deckhand, Sparky Enea, from the 1940 voyage to Baja California's
 Sea of Cortez with John Steinbeck and marine biologist Ed Ricketts.

Make your reservation NOW for this rare chance
to be in Ed Ricketts' Lab for such a great occasion!

For reservations: e-mail tours@canneryrow.org (preferred),
or call (831) 659-2112
Bring your cameras, dress in layers, and enjoy another rare opportunity
to be inside Pacific Biological Laboratories for an hour of historians,
literary scholars, marine biologists, CRF docents and "Row Rat" Volunteers,
 refreshments, and a chance to wander the entire Pacific Biological Laboratories.

Donation is $15 per person at the door; cash or personal check to the CRF.
Make sure your friends and family make reservations for this rare chance to be in "Doc's Lab."


* * *

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Just In!
Steinbeck Now
click here for its feature on

a smash hit with rockstar Steinbeck scholars,
historians, documentary films and
exciting new Ed Ricketts research,
and an official announcement of the change in
ownership of the Western Flyer (from the Sea of Cortez)
for a full restoration as a working classroom
on Monterey Bay.

Stay tuned to this story here, or as it happens at
The History Company.

* * *


on Saturday, February 21st, 2015!

In Association with THE HISTORY COMPANY

Presents the 2015 debut of our new annual

At the Hopkins Marine Station "Monterey Boat Works" Auditorium
9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday, February 21st, 2015
Open to the Public • $25 per person admission

Featuring historic, literary, ecological, and documentary film presentations:

 MORNING SESSION (begins promptly at 9:00 AM)

Prof. Richard Astro, Drexel University ("John Steinbeck and Edward F. Ricketts: The Shaping of a Novelist")

Robert Enea ("Monterey Fishing Industry and Steinbeck in the Sea of Cortez")

Special Announcement

Michael K. Hemp ("Cannery Row: The Industrial Stage for John Steinbeck's Cannery Row Fiction")

From Paris, France, Dr. Eva Lothar (Film Documentary 1972, "Street of the Sardine")


You are invited to bring your own "Brown Bag" or (by a special arrangement with Hopkins Marine Station)

Kuki's Gourmet Food Truck for an economical special menu for the Symposium event!

AFTERNOON SESSION (resumes promptly at 1:00 PM)

Steven Federle, Solano College (The Making of John Steinbeck's Short Story "The Snake")

Don Kohrs, Hopkins Marine Station Librarian and Edward F. Ricketts Researcher
("Ed Ricketts: The Publishing of Between Pacific Tides First Edition (1939)"

Steve and Mary Albert Pacific Grove Filmmakers ("The Great Tide Pool") Film

Prof. Susan Shillinglaw, San Jose State University
("Layered Fiction and Deep Ecology: John, Ed, Carol and The Grapes of Wrath")

an informal reception at

The "Steinbeck: The Art of Fiction" exhibit gallery
2nd Floor of the American Tin Cannery (across the street from Hopkins Marine Station)

(Benjamin Brode, artist and co-creator with Thomas Steinbeck of their new book, presents a reading of
"In Search of the Dark Watchers") •

For Symposium reservations e-mail to: symposium@canneryrow.org
You will be e-mailed a PayPal invoice for payment, which becomes your
ticket(s) to this extraordinary debut Cannery Row Symposium.

Attendance is limited to the first 120 reservations!
Don't miss this cutting-edge exposition of current, cutting-edge research
and information on Cannery Row history, literature, and ecology by
an unparalleled panel of historians, educators, and experts in
tomorrow's legacies of old Cannery Row.

Attendance is limited to the first 120 reservations only
Stanford University's historic Hopkins Marine Station

Get your reservations before this historic event sells out!

Sponsors of this Event include:





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Sar Fac


Fish Hopper


Wax Museum

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Special thanks to Chairman David Barker for his leadership in
the Cannery Row Foundation's 2014 hosting of the "Steinbeck Adobe"
in Monterey's annual "Christmas In The Adobes" tours. Our thanks
also extend to CRF "Adobe Rat" Scott Johnson, City of Monterey docent,
for his support, participation, and Steinbeck readings—a new feature this year.

MK Hemp photos
Johnson & Barker

Johnson & Barker in-character for 1944 (not 1844)
Barker & Campbell vols

Barker with CRF volunteer, Tracy Campbell

Barker w portrait

Barker with enigmatic "Mexican Mona Lisa"

Johnson w portrait

Scott Johnson with "Mona Lisa"

Frank Douglas

CRF Docent Dr. Frank Douglas

Johnson reading

Scott Johnson reading Steinbeck

Adobe tour group

Part of the hundreds of visitors to the Steinbeck-Lara-Soto Adobe this season

And thanks to all our CRF docents ("Adobe Rats")
Michael Guardino, Tracy Campbell, Dr. Frank Douglas, Andrea Satterfield
David Barker, Scott Johnson, Michael Hemp.
Let us know if you'd like to assist us at the Steinbeck Adobe next year.

* * *

It's that time of the year again!
The Cannery Row Foundation announces
we will again hold open the
(Steinbeck-Lara-Soto Adobe)
for holiday guests
as part of Monterey Historic State Parks Association's
30th anniversary of CHRISTMAS IN THE ADOBES


Tickets available at www.MHSPA.org

To be a Cannery Row Foundation volunteer
or for more information, click here  to help us celebrate
the famous adobe owned by John Steinbeck in 1944-1945
where he wrote "The Pearl."

Steinbeck Adobe
                                                                                                                               MK Hemp photo
 Go to our "Western Flyer" Newsletter for details

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Thanks to all that attended our last scheduled Lab tour of 2014

October 11th, Pacific Biological Laboratories
honoring Harlan Watkins and the private men's club
he organized among friends, which preserved the Lab
from 1958 until its sale to the City of Monterey  in 1993
as an international literary and historical site.

MK Hemp photos


Harlan and Louise Watkins in the Lab

harlan palque

Plaque to Harlan

sunny Lab

The most important place on Cannery Row

Lab Members 1986

Steve Crouch photo of the men's club c. 1986

Reservation information at tours@canneryrow.org

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Cannery Row Company honors Row history with dedication of the
Cannery Row Monument
(A public art project donated by the Cannery Row Company)
Located at Steinbeck Plaza above McAbee Beach • Cannery Row & Prescott • Monterey

Dedication Ceremonies were held on February 26, 2014

MK Hemp photos

Cannery Row Monument

monument 2

Ted Balestreri, Managing General Partner
Cannery Row Company

monument 3

Monterey Mayors

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Albert • Chuck Della Sala

monument 4

Laura Davidian • Ted Balestreri 
Leon Panetta • Bert Cutino

monument 5

John Steinbeck, top of the pile

monument 6

Ed Ricketts

monument 7

Ed Ricketts closer

monument 8

A girl from the Lone Star?

monument 9

Madam Flora Wood

monument 10

Chinese fisherman

monument 11

Steinbeck looking down on
Cannery Row Company founders
Balestreri • Cutino • Davidian • Zarounian

monument 12

Ocean-side of Monument on Steinbeck Plaza

For more information call the Cannery Row Company at (831) 649-6690

                                                            This article created and donated by The History Company

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Thanks to all who made our Steinbeck Birthday
Doc's Lab Tours a major success!

Lab tour 022214

                                                                        This communication created and donated by The History Company

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Kalisa memorial
MK Hemp photo
Monday, January 31st, (
Kalisa's Birthday) at noon
at Bruce Ariss Way across the street from Ed Ricketts' Lab

 the Cannery Row Foundation unveiled the bronze memorial
to Kalisa Moore "The Queen of Cannery Row"

by renowned scultor Jesse Corsaut.

Filmed by John Harris.

See it here on YouTube:
Part 1Part 2

* * *

Thanks to all of you who made the
"Doc's Lab" Tours on Saturday, January 29th, 2011
commemorating Kalisa Moore (1926-2009)
"The Queen of Cannery Row"
another milestone event.

* * *

Termite control accomplished!

Lab thumbnail

                                MK Hemp photo
Lab Group member, Frank Wright, at the Lab with its recent Urban Camoflage for termite tenting.
(Click on photo for larger image)

* * *

Become a Member of the Cannery Row Foundation
(Click here to donate)

* * *

New book by Thomas Steinbeck
features Cannery Row Chinese Settlement

Shadow of the Cypress

( for larger image)

An excellent read that belongs in any Cannery Row book shelf!

Click Here for an interview with Thom at Simon & Schuster

Buy on Amazon.com

Buy on Barnes & Noble.com

* * *

New Board Members seated!
Dr. Susan Shillinglaw
Mr. James Levitt
Mr. Gary Varga, Attorney at Law

Press Release on The Western Flyer Newsletter

* * *

Vintage Views of the Cannery Row Foundation
(a little of our history — constantly under construction)

* * *

From the Bulgarian Shores of the Black Sea,
a story of Steinbeck and a search for "Cannery Row"
by Quantum Biophysicist, Dr. Alex Gochev.

(A link from The History Company)

Follow this link to the 2009
Cannery Row Foundation
"Christmas In The Adobes"


Thursday night videos of
Barbara Evan's Flamenco Dancers
at the CRF's Steinbeck's Lara Soto adobe tour:
(Cell phone quality video and audio until real video arrives)
1. "Sevilliana"
2. More "Sevilliana"
3. Artist Lana Loukianenko joins in the festivities


Follow this link to the Kalsia Moore Archive

blog banner

(Click on Kalisa)

* * *

Announcing the Kalisa Moore
"Queen of Cannery Row" Memorial!

A bronze memorial by Jesse Corsuat
to be located at Bruce Ariss Way, Cannery Row.

Fundraising has begun. Your help is requested to honor
Kalisa Moore's incredible 50 years on Cannery Row.
More informaton soon.

The Kalisa Moore Memorial Sculpture for Cannery Row
(click here)

* * *

Celebration of Life for Kalisa Moore, the "Queen of Cannery Row"
(Click here)

                  in lab
                                                                                                     Kalisa in Ed Ricketts' Lab, 1997
                                                                                                                                  MK Hemp photo

Cannery Diver's Memorial completed (scroll below)

Become a Member here

* * *

A new Cannery Row short feature on YouTube
by vacationing British filmmaker, Simon Morris
(posted by The History Company)


Thank you to Ed Ricketts researcher Robbie Behrens
for the digital file of this unedited 1983 recording (in its entirety)
of an interview by

Michael Hemp with Joseph Campbell.
(a link from The History Company)

Including a visit by Joseph Campbell to Ed Ricketts' Lab,
made possible by PBL member Frank Wright.
(also in the interview)

This is interview is also part of the collection of interviews by historian Michael Hemp
digitized by and for the National Steinbeck Center, Salinas.

* * *

A New Feature of the CRF Website!

#1. George Walker, Attorney.
We owe the existence of the non-profit Cannery Row Foundation
to its pro-bono (no charge) incorporation in the fall of 1982 by Monterey attorney
George Walker. The legal grunt work was performed by one of his
young attorneys, Robert Rosenthal. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude
to them both for the articles of incorporation accepted and promulgated by
the State of California on February 17th, 1983.
Robert Rosenthal went on to serve as the Cannery Row Foundation's
second President of the Board of Directors (1984-85).

Michael K. Hemp
                                                            Founder and 2009 President of the Board of Directors

(Watch for more CRF historical facts)

* * *

The publication of A. L. "Scrap" Lundy's

"Real Life on Cannery Row: 
Real People, Places and Events that Inspired John Steinbeck."
 The book’s forward is by Thomas Steinbeck

Lundy Covers

Photos below from the Saturday, October 18th, 2008 Premier Book Release
2:00 PM at the National Steinbeck Center, Salinas, CA.

NSC Lundy
MK Hemp photo

The National Steinbeck Center, Salinas.
Lundy signing
MK Hemp photo

Author and CRF Board Member, Scrap Lundy.

                                                                                                                         Michael Hemp photos
"Real Life on Cannery Row: 

Real People, Places and Events that Inspired John Steinbeck"
available soon from the Cannery Row Foundation website.

The historic Cannery Row model (1943-1946)
was constructed by (then) board member, Bill Johnk,
and exhibited at the Monterey Maritime & History Museum,
5 Portola Plaza near Fisherman's Wharf.
The museum is now temporarily closed.
The exhibit—on loan to the Cannery Row Foundation
by the Oakland Museum of California—will soon
announce a new venue for its public exhibit!

<>Please contact us if you would like to nominate a suitable location
for this unparallelled historic model of the Row in the 1940s.

By special arrangement with the Oakland Museum of California,
the model on an extended exhibit—as the centerpiece of
the 25th Anniversary of the Cannery Row Foundation.

Most of the book "Cannery Row" by John Steinbeck happens in
this model
of old Ocean View Avenue, nicknamed, "Cannery Row."

row model title

More views by clicking here.

* * *


Pavers installation around the memorial completes the design.

New photos of the project completed on November 2, 2009:
(Installed by Jim Young Masonry, Monterey)

pavers 1     pavers 2     pavers 3
Click on each image for larger view.
(MK Hemp photos)

Details of the Cannery Divers Memorial Project
to the brave hard hat divers of Old Cannery Row. The Row
would never have achieved its fame without them.


                                                                                                                               MK Hemp photo


First photos of the unveiling and dedication
ceremonies at 1:00 PM, Friday April 18th, 2008.

(Send your digital photos to us)

Click here for a link to Historical Markers Data Base
The Cannery Row Divers Memorial is on it.

* * *

E-mail us at:

* * *

Authentic Cannery Row historic sardines labels to download,
compliments of www.SardineKing.com

* * *

Kalisa's La Ida Cafe passes into Cannery Row history
as "The Queen of Cannery Row" finds new digs:
Wave Street Studios (the site of the historic home of
Quock Mui, aka "Spanish Mary") where Kalisa Moore lived
for several years; now the site of Wave Street Studios
and the Quock Mui Tea Room & Gift Shop

* * *

A look back into Cannery Row, October 1976:

Hovden dock near Kalisa's

The Hovden Fishmeal Warehouse dock with
Kalisa's restaurant sign at David Avenue tracks.

* * *

The "Western Flyer" on-line Newsletter
of The Cannery Row Foundation

* * *

Photo Coverage Summary of the Great Cannery Row Reunion 2005


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