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Reservations still available for John Steinbeck's Birthday Tours of
Pacific Biological Laboratories
Saturday, February 28th, 2015 — hourly tours AM to last tour at 5 PM.
E-Mail us at tours@canneryrow.org (preferred) or (831) 659-2112.

                                                                                                                                                    MK Hemp photo   

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Just In!
Steinbeck Now
click here for its feature on

a smash hit with rockstar Steinbeck scholars,
historians, documentary films and
exciting new Ed Ricketts research,
and an official announcement of the change in
ownership of the Western Flyer (from the Sea of Cortez)
for a fullrestoration as a working classroom
on Monterey Bay.

Stay tuned to this story here, or as it happens at
The History Company.

* * *


on Saturday, February 21st, 2015!

In Association with THE HISTORY COMPANY

Presents the 2015 debut of our new annual

At the Hopkins Marine Station "Monterey Boat Works" Auditorium
9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday, February 21st, 2015
Open to the Public • $25 per person admission

Featuring historic, literary, ecological, and documentary film presentations:

 MORNING SESSION (begins promptly at 9:00 AM)

Prof. Richard Astro, Drexel University ("John Steinbeck and Edward F. Ricketts: The Shaping of a Novelist")

Robert Enea ("Monterey Fishing Industry and Steinbeck in the Sea of Cortez")

Special Annoucement

Michael K. Hemp ("Cannery Row: The Industrial Stage for John Steinbeck's Cannery Row Fiction")

From Paris, France, Dr. Eva Lothar (Film Documentary 1972, "Street of the Sardine")


You are invited to bring your own "Brown Bag" or (by a special arrangement with Hopkins Marine Station)

Kuki's Gourmet Food Truck for an economical special menu for the Symposium event!

AFTERNOON SESSION (resumes promptly at 1:00 PM)

Steven Federle, Solano College (The Making of John Steinbeck's Short Story "The Snake")

Don Kohrs, Hopkins Marine Station Librarian and Edward F. Ricketts Researcher
("Ed Ricketts: The Publishing of Between Pacific Tides First Edition (1939)"

Steve and Mary Albert Pacific Grove Filmmakers ("The Great Tide Pool") Film

Prof. Susan Shillinglaw, San Jose State University
("Layered Fiction and Deep Ecology: John, Ed, Carol and The Grapes of Wrath")

an informal reception at

The "Steinbeck: The Art of Fiction" exhibit gallery
2nd Floor of the American Tin Cannery (across the street from Hopkins Marine Station)

(Benjamin Brode, artist and co-creator with Thomas Steinbeck of their new book, presents a reading of
"In Search of the Dark Watchers") •

For Symposium reservations e-mail to: symposium@canneryrow.org
You will be e-mailed a PayPal invoice for payment, which becomes your
ticket(s) to this extraordinary debut Cannery Row Symposium.

Attendance is limited to the first 120 reservations!
Don't miss this cutting-edge exposition of current, cutting-edge research
and information on Cannery Row history, literature, and ecology by
an unparalleled panel of historians, educators, and experts in
tomorrow's legacies of old Cannery Row.

Attendance is limited to the first 120 reservations only
Stanford University's historic Hopkins Marine Station

Get your reservations before this historic event sells out!

Sponsors of this Event include:





AMP shaded

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Sar Fac


Fish Hopper


Wax Museum

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Sardine King
Starbucks logo


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Special thanks to Chairman David Barker for his leadership in
the Cannery Row Foundation's 2014 hosting of the "Steinbeck Adobe"
in Monterey's annual "Christmas In The Adobes" tours. Our thanks
also extend to CRF "Adobe Rat" Scott Johnson, City of Monterey docent,
for his support, participation, and Steinbeck readings—a new feature this year.

Johnson & Barker

Johnson & Barker in-character for 1944 (not 1844)
Barker & Campbell vols

Barker with CRF volunteer, Tracy Campbell

Barker w portrait

Barker with enigmatic "Mexican Mona Lisa"

Johnson w portrait

Scott Johnson with "Mona Lisa"

Frank Douglas

CRF Docent Dr. Frank Douglas

Johnson reading

Scott Johnson reading Steinbeck

Adobe tour group

Part of the hundreds of visitors to the Steinbeck-Lara-Soto Adobe this season

And thanks to all our CRF docents ("Adobe Rats")
Michael Guardino, Tracy Campbell, Dr. Frank Douglas, Andrea Satterfield
David Barker, Scott Johnson, Michael Hemp.
Let us know if you'd like to assist us at the Steinbeck Adobe next year.

* * *

It's that time of the year again!
The Cannery Row Foundation announces
we will again hold open the
(Steinbeck-Lara-Soto Adobe)
for holiday guests
as part of Monterey Historic State Parks Association's
30th anniversary of CHRISTMAS IN THE ADOBES


Tickets available at www.MHSPA.org

To be a Cannery Row Foundation volunteer
or for more information, click here — or call (831) 659-2112 — to help us
celebrate the famous adobe owned by John Steinbeck in 1944-1945
where he wrote "The Pearl."

Steinbeck Adobe

Go to our "Western Flyer" Newsletter for details

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Thanks to all that attended our last scheduled Lab tour of 2014

October 11th, Pacific Biological Laboratories
honoring Harlan Watkins and the private men's club
he organized among friends, which preserved the Lab
from 1958 until its sale to the City of Monterey  in 1993
as an international literary and historical site.


Harlan and Louise Watkins in the Lab

harlan palque

Plaque to Harlan

sunny Lab

The most important place on Cannery Row

Lab Members 1986

Steve Crouch photo of the men's club c. 1986

Reservation information at tours@canneryrow.org

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Cannery Row Company honors Row history with dedication of the
Cannery Row Monument
(A public art project donated by the Cannery Row Company)
Located at Steinbeck Plaza above McAbee Beach • Cannery Row & Prescott • Monterey

Dedication Ceremonies were held on February 26, 2014
Photos by Michael Hemp


Cannery Row Monument

monument 2

Ted Balestreri, Managing General Partner
Cannery Row Company

monument 3

Monterey Mayors

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Albert • Chuck Della Sala

monument 4

Laura Davidian • Ted Balestreri 
Leon Panetta • Bert Cutino

monument 5

John Steinbeck, top of the pile

monument 6

Ed Ricketts

monument 7

Ed Ricketts closer

monument 8

A girl from the Lone Star?

monument 9

Madam Flora Wood

monument 10

Chinese fisherman

monument 11

Steinbeck looking down on
Cannery Row Company founders
Balestreri • Cutino • Davidian • Zarounian

monument 12

Ocean-side of Monument on Steinbeck Plaza

For more information call the Cannery Row Company at (831) 649-6690

                                                            This article created and donated by The History Company

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Thanks to all who made our Steinbeck Birthday
Doc's Lab Tours a major success!

Lab tour 022214

                                                                        This communication created and donated by The History Company

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Attention fans of old Monterey and Cannery Row!

Elgie event
Elgie Kalisa's

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Thank you all who came to the PBL tours
honoring Harlan Watkins and the Men's Club on

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Lab sunny (Hemp)

The 2014 Tour Schedule will be e-mailed to you when established.
Make sure you're on our e- ail contact list: e-mail us your name and contact info at

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Thanks to chronicler Kevin Bailey

(Migrated from TheHistoryCompany.com)

* * *

The Cannery Row Foundation turned 31 Year Old on February 17th!

* * *

We are sad to announce the impending demise of the Western Flyer
at a Port Townsend boatyard where her deckhouse may soon be removed
to become a gawker-attraction at a Salinas inn & restaurant.

Here is one of the last photos of her before her
execution in Port Townsend, by Anne Shaffer
of the Coastal Watershed Institute, Washington:

WF in yard

* * *

Los Angeles Times on the Western Flyer fiasco, March 6th.

* * *

Los Angeles Times • February 18, 2013
by Steve Chawkins

A dispute over the boat from 'Sea of Cortez'

* * *

(Migrated from thehistorycomany.com)

January 27, 2013:

Our View: The Western Flyer belongs in the public domain

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Thanks to all who attended our
Doc's Lab Tours, Saturday, January 26th
honor Kalisa Moore—the "Queen of Cannery Row"
Here's a Kalisa story from the Weekly, February 18, 2001.

Herald on Queen of Cannery Row

See her San Jose Mercury feature below...

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(Migrated from TheHistoryCompany.com)


Capt. Richard Rodriquez photo, http://bitterendblog.com/

Western Flyer sinks again

Reported sunk overnight, January 13, 2013.

Stay Tuned.

Scroll down for earlier Western Flyer preservation news

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                                                                                                                                                    MK Hemp photo   

Next regularly scheduled Doc's Lab Tours by
The Cannery Row Foundation are scheduled for
Saturday, January 26th, 2013 to honor Kalisa Moore,
"The Queen of Cannery Row" (1926-2009)

Click here for a great 1989 San Jose Mercury News feature on
Kalisa Moore: "The Last Character on Cannery Row."

sjmn cover

...and a special entry in Kalisa's Memorial Tribute by
teacher, writer and musician—long-time
friend and Row Rat—Bill Minor he titles "The Duke and the Dauphin" (1987)
from "Rememberances of Kalisa Moore" (November 2009).

Reservations for hourly tours are now open.
Tours begin hourly at 9:00 AM and last tour starts at 5:00 PM.

Make your reservations promptly at tours@canneryrow.org
and let us know the tour time you wish and the number in your party.
Reservations are confirmed by return e-mail.

"See you at the Lab"

                                                                                                                                                                  This cmmunication created and donated by The History Company

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More Ed Ricketts Lab and Frank Wright
from Carmel Magazine's Holiday 2012 Issue:

(a migration from TheHistorycomany.com)

C Mag cover
c Mag text
c Mag Wright
click to view pdf
click to view pdf
click to view pdf
  Feature by Michael Chatfield • Photos by Kelli Uldall • www.carmelmagazine.com

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Here it is!
(from TheHistoryCompany.com)

San Francisco Chronicle coverage of
Ed Ricketts' Pacific Biological Laboratories
Sunday, December 2, 2012.
Featuring Carmel's own Frank Wright, who knew Ed Ricketts during WWII
at the Presidio of Monterey (1942-1944) and later became a member of
the private men's club that bought the lab in 1958 as their clubhouse—
and sold it to he City of Monterey in 1993 to keep it in public hands.

Feature by Meredith May. Photography by Jason Henry.

And a poem written after this event by:

"Lucky" – by Mary Cunningham about Frank and Ed:


There was no luck involved
Being drafted into the army
World War II in full swing

But what luck to find
Three days into it
Someone knows someone
That you need to meet

The front gates were guarded
Guns at the ready
But the three back gates
Had none

So off they went
Down to the smelly canneries
To find a gem nestled between
Factories and rocky shore

Bugermeister for 35 cents
And a bag of potato chips
Was all it took
To start a life-long friendship

Hungry minds coming together
Leaving their varied pedigrees at the door
To absorb all they possibly could
In conversation and stories
As classical music filled the spaces
Between their words

As the war continued on
the canneries blew their incessant whistles
while an author recited his embellished stories,
specimens were brought in to be sent out again
in boxes

at every chance, they all soaked it in
smells, tastes, sounds , sights and feelings
knowing these precious moments
were all the luck they needed.

-Mary Cunningham-Welsh
Feb. 27, 2012

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From TheHistoryCompany.com

From the Monterey Herald, March 1994:

Heral 1994 on WF return

Photos by Capt. Richard Rodriguez • 10/09/12

The Western Flyer is up!

Western Flyer angle

Western Flyer up

The sunken Western Flyer in the Swinomish Channel
under the Anacortes Bridge, Washington.

Photo by Capt. Richard Rodriguez • Bitterend Blog



The Western Flyer sank at Anacortes, Washington,
on September 24th, 2012.

Western Flyer

Western Flyer at mooring August/September 2012

Click Here for Details

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Sad news for followers of the Steinbeck Collectors Gazette.
It's stalwart editor and extraordinary Steinbeck fan,
Phil Ralls, passed away suddenly on September 23rd.
Phil was an incredibly dedicated devotee of John Steinbeck's work. It is certainly hoped
the the Steinbeck Collectors Gazette will somehow survive to new leadership.
Phil will certainly be remembered by many in the Steinbeck movement.

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An inspirational Ed Ricketts story for you from
marine biologist Charles Seaborn (in pdf.)
"Chaz" is a PBL Lab Tour volunteer presentation specialist in marine biology/conservation.

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For years the Cannery Row Visitors Information Center
and Cannery Row Foundation Mini-Museum and Gift Shop

railca car last days

                                                                                                                                            — Michael Hemp photo 2012

The last days of the Green Railcar on Cannery Row

The Cannery Row Foundation
Cannery Row Visitors Center • Mini Museum • Museum Shoppe Railcar
moved to its new home at the "Steaming Ahead Historic Railroad Exhibit"
Steinbeck's hometown, adjacent to the Salinas train depot on April 4, 2012.

Denise Estrada headed up this project with volunteers and the resources of A&S Metals and Stan Silva Trucking.

Herb Behrens railcar
Denise Estrada
Cannery Row Foundation volunteer, Herb Behrens
(now archivist at the National Steinbeck Center) held the
railcar open for years as a Visitor Center, Mini-Museum,
and CRF Museum Shoppe (MK Hemp photo 2002)

Denise Estrada —Boss Lady of this historic
railcar move from Cannery Row to the railroad
museum at the Salinas Train Station.
(MK Hemp photo 3/29/12)

                                                                                                                                                                              This article created and donated by The History Company

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Thank  you to everyone who made the

a huge success.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image of CRF's presenters at the Lab
Caryl Smityh Lab Greeter
Hmep o& Wright presenting
Dr. Shillinglaw and Gary Varga
Dr. Seaborn presenting lab
Lab Tour greeter
Caryl Smith "in era"
Frank Wright recalls Ed Ricketts and Pacific Biological Laboratories in 1942
(Naomi Kirkwood photo)
Prof. Susan Shillinglaw and CRF board member Gary Varga with sale books
Marine Biologist, Charles Seaborn, shares Lab science

Please send us your best photos of your tour by e-mail
and we will post them here in a special web-album for
Cannery Row fans and "Ed Heads" to see!

in honor of Edward F. ("Doc") Ricketts (1897-1948)

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A BBC piece about Cannery Row
(compliments of The History Company.com)

An excellent report by Howard Stableford of the BBC, featuring
Dr. Steve Webster (Monterey Bay Aquarium), Dr. Susan Shillinglaw
(then Director of the Center For Steinbeck Studies at San Jose State University),
Katie Rodger, (Steinbeck Fellow at San Jose State University, Ricketts biographer)
Michael Kenneth Hemp (Cannery Row Foundation; historian), and
Frank Wright (Lab Group member and friend of Ed Ricketts).
28 minutes of highly recommended listening before you attend the tour.



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Thanks to those who helped with another successful
Cannery Row Foundation participation in the
annual Monterey State Historic Park

an annual project participation begun in the 1990s
by past CRF President and "Queen of Cannery Row"

Steinbeck Adobe

We again celebrated 1944 (the year John Steinbeck owned this Monterey adobe)
in the Lara-Soto Steinbeck Adobe
at 460 Pierce Street, Monterey from 5 PM til 9 PM
on Friday & Saruday, December 8th & 9th, 2012.

Steinbeck Adobe Map

Follow this link to the 2009 Cannery Row Foundation
Steinbeck Adobe "Christmas In The Adobes"

Thursday night videos of
Barbara Evan's Flamenco Dancers
at the CRF's Steinbeck's Lara Soto adobe tour:
(Cell phone quality video and audio until real video arrives)
1. "Sevilliana"
2. More "Sevilliana"
3. Artist Lana Loukianenko joins in the festivities

                                                                                                                                            This article created and donated by The History Company 

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Facebook Fundraising:
As seen on the Facebook Ed Ricketts Group
Remaining EFR bronzes of the Ed Ricketts Memorial
(also by renowned suclptor Jesse Corsaut) are available
for a membership donation of $1,000.00 for a limited time
before their increased value raises the donation amount.

Bob and Edie Shaheen of Danville, CA,
are the latest to acquire one of the 50
Ed Ricketts Memorial Sculptures produced to
help fund the actual
Ed Ricketts Memorial at
Drake and Wave Streets: the site of Ed's 1948
collision with the Del Monte Express train.

Doug Borer and Jodi Stiles of Pacific Grove, CA
also a recently
(12/20/12) acquired EFR 47/50.

Their names will be on the Ed Ricketts Memorial
donor's dedication plaque. Will Yours?

"Ed Head" Glenn Schot (Hanalei, Hawaii) says:
"What a deal! My foundry would charge more than that just to cast it."

EFR Bronze
EFR Memorial
One of 50 "EFR" bronzes by Jesse Corsaut
with a young John Steinbeck looking on.
The Edward F. Ricketts Memorial on
Cannery Row— by Jesse Corsaut
Contact CRF President,  Michael Hemp, today for yours.

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A treat from Lorenzo:

Larry Hosford plays "Down on Cannery Row"
(Bill Sullivan, bass, vocals; Bill Ingram, guitar, vocals;
Pat Mahoney, fiddle, vocals; Mike Pupo, drums)
— for Kalisa.

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The Kalisa Moore Memorial Sculpture
completed and installed at Bruce Ariss Way,
Cannery Row.
(Click here)

Kalisa memorial

Monday, January 31st, (
Kalisa's Birthday) at noon
at Bruce Ariss Way across the street from Ed Ricketts' Lab

 the Cannery Row Foundation unveiled the bronze memorial
to Kalisa Moore "The Queen of Cannery Row"

by renowned scultor Jesse Corsaut.

Thanks to all of you who made the
"Doc's Lab" Tours on Saturday, January 29th, 2011
commemorating Kalisa Moore (1926-2009)
"The Queen of Cannery Row"
another milestone event.

Filmed by John Harris.

See it here on YouTube:
Part 1Part 2

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Celebration of Life for Kalisa Moore, the "Queen of Cannery Row"
(Click here)

Kalisa in lab
                                                                                                     Kalisa in Ed Ricketts' Lab, 1997
                                                                                                                                  MK Hemp photo

Follow this link to the Kalsia Moore Archive

blog banner

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Termite control accomplished!

Lab thumbnail

Lab Group member, Frank Wright, at the Lab with its recent Urban Camoflage
for termite tenting and repair by the City of Monterey.
(Click on photo for larger image)

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It's Here!
The iPhone app (also iPod and iPad!) of
John Steinbeck's Cannery Row
from The History Company

SCR icon

(Click on icon to go to iTunes App Store)

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Become a Member of the Cannery Row Foundation
(Click here to donate)

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New book by Thomas Steinbeck
features Cannery Row Chinese Settlement

Shadow of the Cypress

(Click here for larger image)

An excellent read that belongs in any Cannery Row book shelf!

Click Here for an interview with Thom at Simon & Schuster

Buy on Amazon.com

Buy on Barnes & Noble.com

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New Board Members seated!
Dr. Susan Shillinglaw
Mr. James Levitt
Mr. Gary Varga, Attorney at Law
Press Release on The Western Flyer Newsletter

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Vintage Views of the Cannery Row Foundation
(a little of our history — constantly under construction)

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From the Bulgarian Shores of the Black Sea,
a story of Steinbeck and a search for "Cannery Row"
by Quantum Biophysicist, Dr. Alex Gochev.
(A link from The History Company)

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Become a
Cannery Row Foundation Member


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A new Cannery Row short feature on YouTube
by vacationing British filmmaker, Simon Morris
(posted by The History Company)

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Thank you to Ed Ricketts researcher Robbie Behrens
for the digital file of this unedited 1983 recording (in its entirety)
of an interview by

Michael Hemp with Joseph Campbell (November 28, 1983).

(a link from The History Company)

Including a visit by Joseph Campbell to Ed Ricketts' Lab,
made possible by PBL member Frank Wright.
(also in the interview)

This is interview is also part of the collection of interviews by historian Michael Hemp
digitized by and for the National Steinbeck Center, Salinas.

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A New Feature of the CRF Website!

#1. Bob Rosenthal, Attorney.
We owe the existence of the non-profit Cannery Row Foundation
to its pro-bono (no charge) incorporation in the fall of 1982 by Monterey attorney
Bob Rosenthal working with George Walker. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude
to them both for the articles of incorporation accepted and promulgated by
the State of California on February 17th, 1983.
Robert Rosenthal went on to serve as the Cannery Row Foundation's
second President of the Board of Directors (1984-85).

Michael K. Hemp
                                                            Founder and 2009 President of the Board of Directors

(Watch for more CRF historical facts)

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The publication of A. L. "Scrap" Lundy's

"Real Life on Cannery Row: 
Real People, Places and Events that Inspired John Steinbeck."
 The book’s forward is by Thomas Steinbeck

Lundy Covers

Photos below from the Saturday, October 18th, 2008 Premier Book Release
2:00 PM at the National Steinbeck Center, Salinas, CA.

NSC Lundy

The National Steinbeck Center, Salinas.
Lundy signing

Author and CRF Board Member, Scrap Lundy.

                                                                                                                         Michael Hemp photos
"Real Life on Cannery Row: 

Real People, Places and Events that Inspired John Steinbeck"
available soon from the Cannery Row Foundation website.

crf line break logo

The historic Cannery Row model (1943-1946)
was constructed by (then) board member, Bill Johnk,
and exhibited at the Monterey Maritime & History Museum,
5 Portola Plaza near Fisherman's Wharf.
It remains on exhibit at its successor: the Museum of Monterey.
The exhib is on loan to the Cannery Row Foundation
by the Oakland Museum of California.

By special arrangement with the Oakland Museum of California,
the model on an extended exhibit—as the centerpiece of
the 25th Anniversary of the Cannery Row Foundation, (2008).

Most of the book "Cannery Row" by John Steinbeck happens in
this model
of old Ocean View Avenue, nicknamed, "Cannery Row."

row model title

More views by clicking here.

crf line break logo


Pavers installation around the memorial completes the design.

New photos of the project completed on November 2, 2009:
(Installed by Jim Young Masonry, Monterey)

pavers 1     pavers 2     pavers 3
Click on each image for larger view.
(MK Hemp photos)

Details of the Cannery Divers Memorial Project
to the brave hard hat divers of Old Cannery Row. The Row
would never have achieved its fame without them.



                                                                                                   Michael Hemp photo

First photos of the unveiling and dedication
ceremonies at 1:00 PM, Friday April 18th, 2008.

(Send your digital photos to us)

Click here for a link to Historical Markers Data Base
The Cannery Row Divers Memorial is on it.

crf line break logo

E-mail us at:

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Authentic Cannery Row historic sardines labels to download,
compliments of www.SardineKing.com

crf line break logo

Kalisa's La Ida Cafe passes into Cannery Row history
as "The Queen of Cannery Row" finds new digs:
Wave Street Studios (the site of the historic home of
Quock Mui, aka "Spanish Mary") where Kalisa Moore lived
for several years; now the site of Wave Street Studios
and the Quock Mui Tea Room & Gift Shop

crf line break logo

A look back into Cannery Row, October 1976:
The Hovden Fishmeal Warehouse dock with
Kalisa's restaurant sign at David Avenue tracks.

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The "Western Flyer" on-line Newsletter
of The Cannery Row Foundation

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Photo Coverage Summary of the Great Cannery Row Reunion 2005


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